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A sport orthotics company
A sport orthotics company
orthotic repair and replacement based in glasgow, central scotland and serving the UK

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Many custom made orthotics or insoles are made from a combination of plastics, carbon fibre, foams and padding. Some parts of the orthotic insoles wear through time, however other parts usually made from plastic or carbon fibre can be refurbished and recycled to their original condition. The main part of these plastic or carbon fibre foot orthotics (called the shell) are very robust and often outlast the leather and foam coverings added to them when first manufactured. repair and refurbish your old foot orthotics or insoles by replacing the foams and coverings fitted to the shell and make them look and work like new! Simple!

Order your repair online

If you're unsure what package you need, we can provide guidance over a virtual assessment.

Pop them in the postal box

We send you a postal box to use, with a next day insured service back to us prepaid and supplied.

We recieve your orthotics

We'll assess your orthotics and carry out your repair or duplication service as required.

Your repaired orthotics arrive

We repair your orthotics within 10 or 15 working days, and send them back on recorded delivery.

Custom & Semi Bespoke Orthotics Service for Clinics

We work with many clinicians providing a range of custom made orthotics.  Available from a wide range of materials and working from either cast or impression box, we're confident we'll be able to provide the perfect solution to meet and exceed your clients expectations.

orthotic repair and replacement based in glasgow central scotland covering the UK

We can repair everflex, Parish and Bell and many other orthotics

We repair orthotics from various clinics and also other manufacturers including everflex and Parish and Bell among many other orthotic manufacturers. We are regulalrly contacted by clinicians and patients who have had orthotics made by the everflex and Parish and Bell orthotics companies that have now gone out of business with clinicians looking for an alternative.

With over 20 years of experience in orthotic prescription, manufacture and repair we can repair or copy pretty much any orthotics.