How it Works

orthotic repair and replacement in glasgow and central scotland

Orthotic Repair & Replacement made simple.

The process of having your orthotic insoles repaired or copied is very simple (see below). The reason we send you our special delivery bag is that it pays for the cost of you sending your orthotics to us, but more importantly it insures your orthotics against loss or damage in transit.

Given the investment you have made in your orthotics normal postage methods don't always allow you to insure your orthotics for the equivalent value of replacing them, our delivery bag does.

Order your repair online

If you're unsure what package you need, we can provide guidance over a virtual assessment.

Pop them in the postal box

We send you a postal box to use, with a next day insured service back to us prepaid and supplied.

We recieve your orthotics

We'll assess your orthotics and carry out your repair or duplication service as required.

Your repaired orthotics arrive

We repair your orthotics within 10 or 15 working days*, and send them back on recorded delivery.

* Lead times of 5 or 10 working days quoted relate to the number of days from when we receive your orthotics

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