Services for Clinics

Start offering our services to your clients are an orthotic repair and refurbishment service for patients who currently have orthotics or insoles that are no longer in the condition they once were. The repair services is delivered by Sport Orthotics & The Treatment HUb team, who are the premier private Orthotic service within Scotland.

We work with many clinicians providing a range of custom made orthotics.  Available from a wide range of materials and working from either cast or impression box, we're confident we'll be able to provide the perfect solution to meet and exceed your clients expectations.


Semi Bespoke Orthotics

We provide a made to order semi bespoke orthotics manufacture service for clinicians using prefabricated orthotic shells. We can manufacture using the sizing kits of other suppliers such as everflex which we are often asked to do. As such, if you prefer to use another orthotic manufacturers order form we can accomodate and use this also.

This allows you to deliver top-of-the-range foot orthotics finished exactly to your own preferences, with all prescription requirements added. This prevents the need for casting, reduces costs, and means you get the prescription you require without the hassle of custom orthotics.

We can add most of the prescription modifications of custom orthotics (see below) as well as extrinsic hind and forefoot posting, choice of covers, cushioning and shell-type (EVA, polypropylene and highly durable and flexible polyprop/nylon mix shells)

semi bespoke orthotics_clipped_rev_2 (1)

Custom Orthotics

We can provide clinicians with custom made orthotics, made from either cast or impression box. We can manufacture using various materials including

  • EVA (low, medium or high density)
  • Polypropylene
  • Carbon fibre

Like our semi bespoke range we can incorporate the whole range of modifications, but with the addedd flexibility of intrinsic posting to reduce the bulk of any orthotics.

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No fuss, single pricing structure.

We operate a single fixed pricing structure, meaning if you use us as your preferred orthotic supplier you will know exactly the cost of your orthotics every time. We do not charge for any additions or adaptations to manufacture your chosen prescription.  The more you order, the cheaper your fixed price.